On removing the sticky parts of the soul

Image: Dmitri Popov

Let’s kick this one off with a quote, shall we?

Nothing can come into your experience unless it first enters into your mentality, and nothing can enter your mentality unless it there finds something like itself to which it can attach itself. 
 — Emmet Fox

Wanting to see someone’s head spontaneously combust and wishing a pox upon their family (which I happen to be doing a lot of lately, especially since the election) only does one thing…

Wishing ill upon others creates sticky spots in the soul that dis-ease of your own can latch onto.

Some call it karma. I think it’s more internal than that.

If the suffering of others is the balm to your aching soul, I’m afraid your version of healing is twisted. The chains we bind others in are also fastened to ourselves. We judge in ourselves what we judge in others (and vice-versa).

Remove your consent from those sticky areas. 
Only you can allow them to build up.

Schadenfreude only feels good to the part of our mind that keeps us enslaved.

You are not your mind.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your doubts.
You are not your fears.

They’re just sticky pieces of mental residue from a mind that’s out of alignment with Source.

Take some mental Goo-Gone to that nonsense.

P.S. No, this is not a branded piece from Goo-Gone. They’re not paying me a dime to say any of this. 😜

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