On the display of your life

Image: Clem Onojeghuo

What if your life wasn’t… just your life?

See, I think that’s where we might be getting crossed up… When we live under the guise of life being about us and only us.

I believe this is partly true. Life is half about us.

But do me a favor — Reflect on your life and tell me…

Looking back on the most monumental moments of growth in your life, what spurned those changes?

Were they caused by ideas from a book?

Or were they caused by observing people’s life-stories?

If you’re like me, you’re going with the latter.

The biggest changes in my life were ignited by other people. Sometimes in mentorship. But more often just by observing and modeling their lives. Some whom I’ve known and some I haven’t.

And so we see the other half of the meaning of our lives…

Our life is on display for others.

Which brings to mind a quote I jotted down the other day from a sermon I watched from one of my favorite pastors (who are few and far between, by the way)…

God, send me through whatever I need to go through to live a life that will help others live the life that you created them to live. 
- Erwin McManus

As an aside, in a subsequent sermon from the one where he shared that line, Erwin announced to his congregation that he has cancer (I think cancer picked the wrong dude this time).

When we look back at all of the challenges we’ve faced in life, it can seem like we’re the only ones going through them. We don’t realize others are watching. Observing. Analyzing. Modeling.

Life not only looks out through your eyes, it looks back at you through the gaze of others.

Talk about pressure, right?

Well, it can be. But if we embrace this responsibility, we can see how much change we can effect in the world.

Waves, my friend. From a ripple to a tsunami.

Make your life, on display, a sight to see. In both the good times and bad.

We’re watching…

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