On the purpose of prayer

Image: Echo Grid

I’m having one of those slow revelations on prayer. You know, not the kind that suddenly hits in the shower or in the middle of the night. But the kind that seeps in slowly, over time.

The root purpose of prayer isn’t about making the outside world right.

If that was its purpose, I’d see a huge flaw in the spiritual design of this world. Because if prayer was like a magic spell that could change the outside world, it would give a lot of misaligned people the power to make their world right without having to get aligned.

Yes, some try to do this. Some are shift managers at fast food joints while others hold great positions of power. It’s a hard life that takes its toll. As much as they can manipulate the world to make it seem like their prayers are being answered, if we could see their quiet moments, we’d see that they know they’re going against the current of Spirit. Things break this way. Personality disorders come onto the scene as compensations to anesthetize the mental trauma. It might take time, but it eventually comes crashing down.

This version of prayer would magically create an aligned world from a misaligned source. It would defy the laws of nature. It would be like being able to throw a basketball wherever we wanted and have it soar through the net every time.

If this was the case, there would be no basketball. 
If prayer was this way, there would be no life.

If I happen to hate bad traffic, and prayer was a way to make the world out there right, I could say a few words to make the traffic flow better, but I’d remain an impatient asshole.

No, no, no. The ego wants this, but the higher self knows better.

Prayer is about aligning your ego with Spirit even when the world is crashing down around you.

Yes, I do believe the world changes in-kind, but that’s after our consciousness changes. It’s after — not before — mind aligns with heart, ego aligns with soul, and action aligns with Spirit.

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