On pushing into your greater mission

Image: Siebe

Sometimes, life needs a good push to get things moving.

I wrote the other day about being pulled to a greater mission. But, as Benjamin Foley pointed out, I failed to articulate the crucial prior step...


The pull usually starts off as a whisper. An invitation to initiate.

I believe a push comes before the pull really takes hold.

You hustle your face off for a year to get that business rolling...

You endlessly edit that manuscript to get it ready to ship...

You try roasting that blend 47 times to get that certain aroma and profile you’ve been looking for…

You blush and sweat and stutter for the first year of being on stage in front of the most horrible crowds…

But soon, something else takes hold of you.

Something I briefly stated in that post but would like to emphasize here is this:

The ego pushes. But Spirit pulls us towards something greater than our smaller selves.

We’re pulled to push. And when we give life a nudge, the pull aids us. Because we’re not doing it on our own.

Yes, we have egos. We’re human.

I rail on the ego all the time, but it’s only to bring attention to it instead of being unconsciously ruled by it. When we’re aware of it, we can employ it instead of being controlled by it.

Nothing pushes like the ego…

When we push merely on the impulse from the ego, we’re nothing more than slaves.

But when the pushing is in conscious service of our Soul’s higher calling, we’re masters.

The ego pushes. 
God pulls.

Quite the powerful tag-team, right there.

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