On finding and expressing your heart’s desire

I wrote yesterday of myth and how we live our lives according to it. Here’s the myth I’m digging right now…

I believe the Divine (or whatever you want to call her) locked something up deep inside of us when we took on human form. She whispered into our hearts something so sweet, so meaningful, and so palpable — something that each of us is to be, do, and as a byproduct, have.

This, is our heart’s desire. It is, I believe, what the hero’s journey is to bring us back to, even though it’s been implanted there from the start.

Our heart’s desire is our most secret, sacred wish.

When we first notice it, we become terrified. Our ego becomes threatened at its intensity because it calls us to join with a greater Power than our small, separate selves.

In our fear, we set up a life that defends against it. In our defense, we do a lot of interesting things with our heart’s desire.

We don’t dare to look at it beyond a brief glance. We can hardly stand to think of it. We’d rather perish than share this desire with anyone else because it seems to be so far beyond anything we believe ourselves to be.

Oh, the ridicule. The judgement. The narrow eyes of our tribe. How threatening they become. We can never let this secret out.

But we’re never strong enough to keep it closed out for long. It has a magnetic pull stronger than any defense mechanism the ego can construct.

Soon, we reach a breaking point… The ego never has the last say in this.

It may take us lifetimes or mere moments to make this shift, but eventually, God gets her way.

In surrendering to this pull and our remembrance of this desire, we smile. But the smile, we notice, is not an individual smile like when our team hits a home run or we make that green light...

The smile is a shared smile with the Divine herself (I’ve feminized her in my myth, but do whatever serves you).

The human soul is the opening through which Infinite Energy is seeking a creative outlet.
 — Emmet Fox

This smile sparks something so strong inside of us that we set out to dig through layers upon layers of defense mechanisms we’ve erected in search of it. Like a treasure chest of gold, we see it’s been there this whole time and that we merely need to unbury it.

This is when the ego speaks up again...

It tries to convince us that the digging will be too much. That out muscles are too weak and that everyone will ridicule and abandon us as soon as our proverbial shovel hits the dirt of our soul.

Many of us turn back at this point. I know I have many times. Every time, it hurts. Because, here’s the truth…

The individual human soul aches when it fails to be a completely free expression of this divine kiss — our heart’s desire.

Here’s my prayer for you today:

May you dig anyways…

May you see the ego’s hijinks for what they are and dig in the face of them.

May you see that your purpose is to experience the fulfillment in remembering your shared desire with the Divine and expressing it in your life, thus proving the separation false.

May this myth bring you closer to both your fellow humans and God alike as you see that these two are part of the One.

May you realize that you are a new point of expression for the Divine. That you are a new opening for expansion and progression towards a fuller, more vibrant world. That you are a container in which the Divine comes alive on Earth.

May you be willing to become this. May you claim this truth for yourself.

Go grab that shovel…

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