You are a mythological creature

Image: Chloe Ridgway

We humans live our lives according to whatever personal myth we believe in, consciously or subconsciously.

If we do this subconsciously, the myth we believe in tends to be a fearful one because we see it not as a myth, but as concrete reality. And so it sets up beliefs and behaviors which are merely defense mechanisms. Defense mechanisms against this world that only exists to victimize us.

Who’s writing that script? As far as I’m aware…

No one else can choose which stories of ours we imbue with the power of belief.

What if you came to see that the filter of your world is woven from the fabric of myth? How would you dance with life then?

Are you enjoying the myth you’ve crafted? Are you getting value from it? Is it adding to your life, or is it draining you?

Do you think this idea is foolish? That your view of life is not a myth but ‘just the way things are’?

Or do you see that human creativity is the divine power to inhale and breathe new myth into your life?

Some worthy questions for your weekend, as usual.

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