On sin

Image: Oscar Sutton

I’ve read a lot of compelling definitions of ‘sin’, but my absolute favorite (so far) is from one of the books my nose is currently buried in, A Course of Love, which says, simply…

Sin is simply the belief that correction cannot be made.

Now, there’s a whole backstory on ‘correction’ which I won’t dive into too much here, but it goes a little deeper than the shallow meaning of the word. It’s more than just righting the ‘wrongs’ of the moment (although it most definitely includes this).

It goes into the Big-C of Correction which is the belief in the separation from God to begin with. This is the original correction (which totally gives new meaning to original sin).

The only true sin is when we buy into the belief that correction cannot be made.

When we see the ‘sin’ (whatever the flavor of the day is) as being the end of the story, what do we do?

We build structures and laws around it.

We tell our kids stories about it, setting it in motion to live on for generations to come.

We write books and blog posts and construct memes around it.

We build prisons to contain and expel it.

We make ourselves and others ‘pay for it’ time and time again when all that happens is we keep purchasing more and more of it…

By doing this, we make it real for lifetimes and generations to come.

We solidify the unreal with the intention of ‘protecting’ ourselves and it backfires every time.

Correction can always be made. Like a rubber band, we snap right back to ourselves should we go astray. Some require a greater tension in the band to realize this while others do it quite naturally.

Our place is always being held without judgement or fear. The idea that we could separate from our higher selves is merely an illusion.

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