Care to dance?

Image: Cody Aulidge

No atoms do battle. No molecules compete for dominance. The universe is a dance of cooperation. You are but asked to rejoin the dance.
A Course of Love

This passage flies in the face of our fears which tell us that life is a competition. That we must be fully self-reliant. That sets up barricades and walls of ‘defense’.

These walls and boundaries only do one thing… 
Keep us in.

By that, they keep us small. And isolated.

In looking at the vastness of the universe, we see only cooperation. Even when stars explode, they do it violently, but gracefully. It’s only in the animal world that we notice warring, battle, and dominance.

We humans are like animals invited to this higher dance. This is where we thrive. This is where we shed our animalness for our humanity.

Well… What do you think? Care to dance?

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