Being pulled to your greater mission

Image: Tim Mossholder

I’ve always had a weird feeling about Tony Robbins…

He’s always flaunted his wealth, which I find a little tacky. I’m the kind of guy who, when I see a lot of hoopla (and he’s the KING of hoopla), I immediately get skeptical.

But then I realize I’m just jealous because, like, why don’t I have confidence/money like that, etc. And then I stuff it down and project and start despising him and blah, blah, blah. It never ends well.

But I haven’t really given him a fair shake... So today, I sat down and watched his documentary, I Am Not Your Guru, on Netflix.

Yes, my BS detector went off a few times. But not as much as I expected.

I have to say, I know he’s reeeeeally good at persuasion, but I got the intuitive sense that Tony… Truly cares.

Yes, he’s used every marketing strategy in the book. Yes, he’s hyperbolic. Yes, he’s in-your-face and employs shock tactics with reckless abandon. Yes, he’s outrageously rich and not scared to show it…

But look at how many lives he’s changed for the better over the years. Gajillions. Yes, I’m pretty sure, gajillions.

Also — unless he and all those people he has interventions with are damn good actors — he obviously connects on an incredibly deep level with people. And that’s fully in-the-moment. No scripting. No planning. Pretty amazing.

At one point in the documentary, he said something quite interesting. When asked how he gets through 6 straight 11-hour days during his Date with Destiny seminars, he answered…

“I’m no longer pushed, I’m pulled. Push will wear you out. When you’re pushing to do something, you only got so much willpower. But when you’re pulled, when there’s something larger than yourself that you’re here to serve and you believe you’re made for, that brings energy…”
Tony Robbins

Wow… Yeah…

The ego pushes. But Spirit pulls us towards something greater than our smaller selves.

I learned a lot from Tony today. I’m glad I got myself out of the way for this one.

So… Here’s some questions to take into your weekend:

What can you be pulled by? What kind of work can call you to a new level?

Are you pushing? 
Open your arms wide and allow this thing to pull you to greater versions of yourself.

Seems like a better long-term plan, if you ask me.

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