The crannies

I saw this photo on Instagram awhile back on the feed of one of my favorite humans, Casey Neistat.

I screenshot and saved it (which felt really creepy, but was totally worth it for this post...) because if I could send this photo to everyone who’s asked me how I’ve maintained a daily blog for as long as I have with a family and score of other obligations, it’d explain a lot...

Creative works come in the crannies of life.

Casey had a daily vlog for a little over two years. As you can understand, vlogging (video blogging) is far more time-intensive than blogging (from what he’s said, 7–8 hours per day with the editing process). And if you know his story, you know how busy he is beyond the vlog.

This photo exemplifies the hustle (sorry, I shudder from that overused word, but it fits in this instance) of creating in the crannies. Here Casey is with his daughter in his lap as he edits early in the morning.

This is Casey’s craft. He’s a prolific guy who shares his life and perspective with those who connect with his message. He uses that widespread attention to do amazing, fun, generous things with. It’s a life many of us dream of. But, unless you’re single with some money in the bank, it doesn’t come without working when it’s inconvenient.

Please know I’m not complaining. Neither is Casey. And if you’re doing this, hopefully you’re not either. We can’t complain. We don’t HAVE to do this, we GET to do this. We GET to do work that feeds our soul.

Making room in the crannies is hard, but you will… You will because you realize, when you’re in the flow, your ego and your soul are playing nice together. Yes, a part of you will hate it. But that part is quickly muted by the part of you that loves it.

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