On receiving instead of planning

Image: Chad Madden

We’re a planning sort of species...

Even for those of us who may not consciously think so, if we look at ourselves closely, most of us see we micromanage our entire lives in our heads. We place demands on the world and ourselves and when things don’t go as-planned, we get angry. Even when they DO go as-planned, we often find ourselves disappointed or unimpressed.

It’s a no-win situation. One that we put ourselves in time and time again.

See, this planning from our small selves is based on fear. It says we don’t trust the intelligence of Life as it unfolds, so we have to constantly intervene and make it right. Our ego bolsters the vision in our minds of how amazing our plans are, but in reality, they nearly always fall short of our expectations (if they even happen in the first place).

But this little nugget flips the entire notion on its head…

Receive instead of plan. Open your life up to more than your small self could plan for.

Yes, you’re going to plan. You’re likely going to wake up at a certain time. You’re going to drive a certain direction to work. You might go to the gym and get into your program.

I’m not talking about this. I’m talking about the constant humming of stress, worry, and fear that resides in the background of our mind when we’re not even conscious of it. I’m talking about the never-ending game of chess we play with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large when the answers are staring us in the face.

This is a tough leap, dropping this constant gamesmanship so we can receive from Life as it unfolds…

We must believe the unknown is benevolent. We must know that we could be receiving constant help from life if we could shut our small selves up and open ourselves to receiving it. And we have to know that we’re not alone.

Life is a giant feedback loop that’s trying to get our attention. The thing is, we fail to see the subtle signals that happen within us and around us at all times. We fail to trust Life, so we make the feeble attempt of doing it all ourselves.

Receiving is what most of us need to practice. Receiving implies that something is being given and it takes a willingness to accept what is given.

This willingness is what we’ve likely been withholding from Life.

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