Deliver us from evil

Image: Jan Erik Waider

This is Part 7/7 of the weekly series where I break down, line-by-line, the Lord’s Prayer and interpret it however I wish (because everyone should do this). This series is inspired by the book, ‘Power Through Constructive Thinking’ by Emmet Fox. If you’ve missed the previous entries in the series, you can read them all here.

Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

This one is subtle…

When you think of it, the notion that God can somehow tempt us to do sketchy things is a strange one. Like, why would He/It/We (sorry, I’m jumping prematurely into the Trinity — for another post) do that? Just doesn’t seem to fit.

Now, we’ve covered a lot of ground in this powerful little prayer up to now. We’ve come a long way. If we’ve meditated on and lived the lessons of each line of this thing, we should be (finger’s crossed) at a higher level of consciousness. We should be getting our spiritual houses in order.

And this is where God can get us into deep sh*t.

Not directly, like that kid in sixth grade who got you grounded every weekend. But indirectly. Allow me to explain…

When we develop our soul through prayer and align with Source, Life tends to… work better. We move through the world with more resolve, we work with more intention, we become magnetic in a way and our aura explodes across the canvas of our lives (or so I’m told).

At this point, it’s really easy to sink into a state of self-righteousness and superiority. You can see how easy it is for the ego to sneak in there and for us to begin thinking that we’ve done this all on our own. If we fall into this kind of thinking, our consciousness sinks like a lead balloon.


We can’t let our ego-repellent run dry the more we expand in consciousness. If we’re not aware, it can creep into the picture and kick us back to step-one just like in a good, clean game of ‘chutes and ladders’.

We must remain steadfast throughout our spiritual growth to ensure this doesn’t happen. The small self must remain humble and give credit to the indwelling God within. This keeps us real. This keeps our path on the straight and narrow.

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