To seek the divine is to find it

Image: Philipp Wüthrich

If you’ve happened to come to the end of yourself — like we all do at some point — you might be seeing that Life is much bigger than you previously thought it was. You also might be seeking connection with that thing/presence that is now being revealed in you (as painfully as it may be).

I want you to know you’re there. You’ve made it. Take it easy. This adventure is bottomless. As you sink into it, know that it’ll never totally make sense, but that’s okay.

“You would not have sought Me had you not already found Me.”
 — Pascal

Know that this coming-to-the-end-of-yourself-ness never ends. When you awaken to this notion, what happens is you come to expect it. And you welcome it. You salivate for it, in fact. A part of you must die before a new one is born. Over and over again. The resurrection of your Soul is a lifelong recurrence.


If you come to the place where you think you fully understand life, you’ve just made life smaller than you. That, my friend, is impossible.

Life will always be bigger than you can ever imagine.

Always. And in all ways.

This is my prayer for you today…

May you find comfort in your doubt. 
May you find peace in the upheaval of your previous self. 
May you open to the mystery of everlasting life before death. 
And may you know that wonder and bewilderment are the nutrients of the soul.

If you’ve found yourself longing to seek something bigger than yourself, may you realize that you’ve already arrived.

Buckle up.

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