The touchable ones

Image: riciardus

From what I’ve read, Jesus didn’t have a checklist he gave to people before they were healed. He just said something along the lines of, “Alright, friend, are you going to allow yourself to be open to your healing? If so, let’s go!”

In the Jesus story, the touchable ones are the ones who end up being healed. There’s no moral test. There’s no screening to see if they’re black, jewish, gay, baptized, or profane. There’s seems to be only one question:

Do you want to be touched by God? Do you want to be healed?

If the answer is a vulnerable, trusting one — the person is healed by Jesus leading them into the Divine flow.

Vulnerability is the entry point to healing.

Vulnerability is harder than having a strong moral stance.

Surrendering to the flow is always more threatening to the ego than digging one’s heels into dogma.

Vulnerable openness and the willingness to enter a divine relationship and be touched by Spirit is never comfortable in the sense that we’re used to, but it feels damn good to the part of us that knows the Truth.

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