Our daily bread

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This is Part 5 of the weekly series where I break down, line-by-line, the Lord’s Prayer and interpret it however I wish (because everyone should do this). This series is inspired by the book, ‘Power Through Constructive Thinking’ by Emmet Fox. If you’ve missed the previous entries in the series, you can read them all here.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

That line, right there, is huge for me right now. I don’t think I’ve ever really given it much thought before, but as I go back to it, I see the seeds of an essential, transformative truth. This is something I’m really working on and I hope it brings you value as well.

First of all, notice the word ‘daily’ in there…

It doesn’t say, ‘Give us all the bread we’ll need for the rest of our life.’ It doesn’t say (in modern words), ‘Make us caked-up so we never have to work again.’

No… Give us this day. Our daily bread. 
Provide us with what we need today. 
Tomorrow, we’ll repeat.

God doesn’t work in life-long installment plans. She works in the moment. The day. The incremental. Right now is all that God provides us with, and in that, we find all we’ll ever need.

We strive so hard to fight for a life where the rest of our days will be certain. We work a hundred hours a week so that, one day, we’ll be able to look forward and see a smooth ride.

But like a heat-seeking missile, our brains have evolved to find the fear. To make a monster out of the slightest shadow. So we get to the place we thought would bring us this sense of safety and look forward only to see the monsters have not left.

Doesn’t work like this…

Today — this very day /moment— is where we find ourselves. Safety rests in knowing that we’re here, right now, and Source provides for us and through us. Not from the world of form, but in the realm of the formless.

When we seek our primary ‘bread’ from ‘out there’ — in investments, business, employers, partners, toys, etc. — we miss the point. When one of these things falls away (the nature of form), we feel hopeless. Some never get back on their feet.

We must see that these things are just the channels through which the Divine works through. When we see our true Source to be our inner Spirit and the infinite well of Love that we dip into to provide for our world and one of those channels falls away, instead of freaking out, we feel a sense of security and know that Source will find a different, better, more fitting one.

People think of their supply as coming from certain investments, or from a business, or from an employer, perhaps; whereas these are merely the channels through which it comes, God being the Source. The number of possible channels is infinite, the Source is One. The particular channel through which you are getting your supply is quite likely to change, because change is the Cosmic Law for manifestation. Stagnation is really death; but as long as you realize that the Source of your supply is the one unchangeable Spirit, all is well. The fading out of one channel will be but the signal for the opening of another. If, on the other hand, like most people, you regard the particular channel as being the source, then when that channel fails, as it is very likely to do, you are left stranded, because you believe that the source has dried up — and for practical purposes, on the physical plane, things are as we believe them to be.

— Emmet Fox; Power Through Constructive Thinking

This speaks to what I wrote about yesterday in the principle of rebirth.

It also brings the God out of the clouds and places Him, symbolically, into one of the most physical, tangible, essential forms possible in that of bread/food — our source for survival on the physical plane.

With one word, it tells the story of God being not that of another world or some grandiose after-life judgement role, but in the mundane, everyday essence of our life.

Sinking our heels into the essence of this line gets us grounded in the simplicity of our lives. It helps us appreciate what we have to get through this day and it helps us see that, although Source may have not lived up to our expectations at one time or another, it has never failed us.

Mind passing the butter?

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