You assign the role

Image: Joël Assuied

The only enemies we need concern ourselves with are those of our own household. The ones that hide in the shadows of our own consciousness.

After all…

No outer conditions have any power in and of themselves.

Yes, certain things can bruise us, paralyze us, make us bleed and even kill us. That goes without saying, and there’s no way around it.

But those are just events. Conditions. Effects. We write the inner script for how their meaning translates into our experience.

Are we really too old to do that thing we yearn to do?
Does that person
really control our life?
Are the cards
really stacked against us?
Is there
really no way out?
Does this thing we obsess over
really define us?

Just know that you and I assign our role, not our circumstances. 
(I’d say the Divine/Logos/Source has already assigned the role, we’ve just yet to accept it.)

Even if they come with daggers, pitchforks, and torches.
You and I assign power as to where our faith is.

On the God within (cause).
Or the limitation out there (effect).

The cycle of cause and effect only moves one direction. 
It’s when we get it backwards that we prolong our suffering.

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