Thy kingdom come

Part 4 of the Lord’s Prayer series

Image: Nathan Anderson

This is Part 4 of the weekly series where I break down, line-by-line, the Lord’s Prayer and interpret it however I wish (because everyone should do this). This series is inspired by the book, Power Through Constructive Thinking by Emmet Fox. If you’ve missed the previous entries in the series, you can read them all here.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

This one always flew a mile over my head… I used to read this as, the big guy upstairs will eventually get his way and a lot of people are gonna be totally screwed (and hopefully not me).

The problem is when we read spiritual stories/poems/passages like we were reading Harry Potter. Or even worse, like an instruction manual. We’re totally limiting these powerful representations of Truth by not going any deeper than the surface (like we’re used to doing in our culture).

As I read this again and ruminate on it, I see that it points to the idea that our main gig is to express — in a concrete, definite, earthly form — the abstract ideas that the Divine sends our way.

This is creative power. To make something out of nothing. From within to without. Ex nihilo. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

“Thy kingdom come” means to bring more and more Life-affirming ideas into concrete manifestation on this plane.

We are individualized centers of consciousness, designed to align with the Divine, rise above our circumstances, and unleash Heaven on Earth. Each of us has a unique experience — a free will.

This is where it can get buggered up pretty good. Through our free will, we choose which thought system we integrate into this universe — ego or Spirit. Separation or Oneness. Fear or Love.

Our physical world teaches us to choose the former in order to survive. To choose ego. To get ours, at any and all costs.

But when we integrate Spirit, we bring much stronger forces into the fold.

We turn ‘my will’ into ‘thy will’ we’re suddenly equipped with a life not just of our own doing, but one that the whole universe works with.

When we move beyond the small self and surrender to that loving, generous, creative wellspring within, endless inner and outer walls crumble faster than a single brick is stacked on top of another.

It’s here that the paradigm of the individual free will is aligned with Source and ‘thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven’.

But how do we know when we’re on track? How do we know when we’re doing the right kind of work? How do we know when we’re living true to this?

This is where intuition comes in. Unfortunately, there’s no testing kit we can grab at the hardware store that tells us if we’re living true to ourselves. I can only say that, if life is largely dull, restricted, desperate, or uninspiring — if you find yourself constantly drained and angry — I’d say that’s a huge ‘Rerouting’ signal from the GPS of life.

But if you’re largely running on the emotions of interest, curiosity, passion, exuberance, and joy (although those bad seasons will always pop up), we know we’re on the right road. When we’re not constantly playing chess with life and everyone around us, but instead, find ourselves trusting this divine Source within us all to work through us in whatever way it chooses to show up, we’ll then be able to say to life,

“Thy Kingdom cometh.”

“On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

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