Like a hot air balloon

Image: Karsten Würth

When stress hits, we typically start looking for things to do to put out the fire.

What can I do?
What can I say?
What can I take?
Who can I call?
How much time do I have?
When is the next shoe gonna fall?

You get the drill — the typical stream of consciousness that befalls us when the sh*t hits the fan.

Here’s something that might help…

Warning: It’ll go against most everything that seems natural in that moment, but I ask you to try it. Experiment with it on something small. Like, with a parking ticket or something — not, like, when your child breaks his face on the monkey bars in front of you at the park. In that case, get to the ER, pronto.

When your mind starts adding, I want you to consciously subtract.

Now, this takes huge mental/spiritual muscles. Right now, you need to be centered in order to do the appropriate thing. If you’re trying to listen to each of the 97 voices in your head, you’ll just go in circles…

What thoughts can you release right now? 
This is the mantra.

The more thinking we do, the more weight we take on. The more weight we take on, the lower the proverbial elevator of our consciousness sinks. And we don’t want to be solving problems from a low-level of consciousness.

Remove thoughts. See them. Wish them well. And let them go.

Soon, like tossing sandbags off the side of a hot air balloon (which I’m terrified to ride in, but if you’re cool with this analogy, feel free to use it), your consciousness will start to float. Eventually, you’ll be above the situation and able to see it from a grander view.

Now… Don’t look down.

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