Undivided individuals

Where individuality and unity go on a joyride together

Image: Janko Ferlic

It’s tricky. Much of life, I’ve found, is a grand divine dichotomy.

This and that. 
Either and or. 
Within and without. 
In and Out (sorry, maybe I’m just hungry).*

Get this…

We are individual manifestations of the divine soup that undergirds our experience, but at the same time, we are all connected as one.

We are each an individually distinct way of knowing the universe. But to go deeper, we must see that one way of looking at the meaning of individual is undivided.

There’s no need to set yourself on an island to regain your individuality.

The consciousnesses of each one is distinct from God and from all others, and yet none are separated. How can this be? How can two things be one, and yet not one and the same? The answer is that in matter, which is finite, they cannot; but in Spirit, which is infinite, they can.
-Emmet Fox

Yes, you have a mind of your own, but it’s on spiritual steroids when you realize it’s plugged into the Mind of All.

*Sorry for the inside joke, but you have to live on the west coast in the US to get that one.

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