Get an ego

Image: thr3 eyes

As much as I bash on the ego in my writing, I’ve also developed a healthy dose of empathy for those dancing with it.

The key is in consciously dropping the ego. But you can’t let go of something you’ve never held.

Ego-based living is a necessary step in the development of our soul.

You have to develop an ego before you get rid of it.
-Richard Rohr

When I see young people who have incredibly strong egos, I internally high-five them (because actually walking up to them and high-fiving them would be weird).

I now see that they have to go up the stairs to realize the view isn’t so great from up there (and that it took a hell of a lot of effort to see this). They have to find enchantment in the ego and then experience the disappointment it brings in order to consciously, voluntarily release it.

Sound familiar? Yeah… Me too.

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