Who art in heaven

Part two of the Lord’s Prayer series

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Moving on to the second line in the Lord’s Prayer, we read, “Who art in heaven.”

If the nature of God is of Heaven, we can deduce that man is of Earth. We can even reckon to say that Jesus is pointing to the concept that God is cause and man is effect or man-ifestation.

Cause must be expressed through manifestation. Express means to press outward or to bring into shape and form what exists implicitly.

What if we saw everything around us in physical form as expressions of the Divine?

What if this was the home, work, laptop, dog, and underwear of the Divine? What if it was all part of some higher order? How differently would our world look, feel, and respond?

This is the power relationship. Cause and effect, God and man, formless and form, heaven and earth — consciously working as one.

“Trying to have manifestation without Cause, is atheism and materialism. Trying to have Cause without manifestation leads man to suppose himself to be a personal God, and this commonly ends in megalomania and a kind of paralysis of expression.”
-Emmet Fox

We each have our own roles. God and human. One, but not the same.

Our Father, who art in heaven… seeking expression through us humans who art on Earth.

And so it is.

This is Part 2 of the weekly series where I break down, line-by-line, the Lord’s Prayer and interpret it however I wish (because everyone should do this). This series is inspired by Power Through Constructive Thinking by Emmet Fox. If you haven’t yet read part 1 and would like to, click here.

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