Please include a description with your poems

Image: James Stronsky

If you’re any bit of a poet, you understand how asinine this request is.

Yyyyeah, your poem doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’ll really help the reader if you explain, in step-by-step detail, what you mean. Just include it in italics under your entry. And keep it to seven points or fewer. Thaaaaanks.

If you did this, you’d murder your poem.

I know this doesn’t happen with poetry much (at least I hope it doesn’t) but when we’re talking about love or grappling with death, etc. — the meaningful questions, doubts and wonderings of life — only poetic language and metaphor seem to suffice.

We’re touching on the divine here. When people ask us to ‘explain, in practical terms’ the divine, a left-brained, rational, linear explanation just doesn’t quite cut it.

Poetry comes from the heart. It’s spiritual, not intellectual in nature.

Matters of the spirit speak through the heart, not the head.

When I read a good poem, my head is like, wtf?! But my heart is like, yyyeah. I GOT it.

Sometimes a how-to just won’t do (hey, that rhymes — I’m a poet and didn’t even know it) when it comes to spiritual matters.

You, the poet, can communicate what you’re experiencing, but I, the reader, have to own the meaning myself. In your poem, I may see perfectly clear something that you had no desire to communicate.

And that’s fine. Perfectly fine.

Talk to my heart. 
My head has plenty to think about.

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