Coming around to this whole minimalism thing

Image: Imani Clovis

Don’t get me wrong. I mean, I’ve always seen the value in it. I’ve always thought it was cool and admirable — at one time I even was a regular contributor to an amazing minimalist blog, No Sidebar (which you should totally check out) a few times.

But then, I backed out. I was kinda like… meh. It’s okay. I can dabble in minimalism. But it’s not really for me. Really, it’s not you, minimalism, it’s me. I’m not young, single, and in the position to live out of my suitcase. If you saw the inside of my house, you’d get itchy.

Plus, to be honest, minimalism always rang of austerity — like begrudgingly living well under one’s means.

I wanted to aim for some complexity. Some toys. Big stuff. And with a child, messes and clutter are just part of the deal. I thought there’s no way I could really live like that.

But something shifted lately. I’ve been giving minimalism a huge second chance and am loving it more than ever.

It’s true. Less is more — less crap, less weight, less noise — leads to more of the stuff that matters. I finally saw the light…

Minimalism isn’t austerity. It’s making room for the abundance of the meaningful things in life.

I haven’t gone whole-hog yet. But I donated a bunch of my daughter’s toys that she never really touched as well as a huge pile of my clothes. And I’m eyeing the garage pretty intently.

I’m doing it. I’m drinking the minimalist Kool-Aid. And I really like it. I feel lighter already. Kind of like taking the sand bags off the hot air ballon. One at a time. Probably be writing about this more in the coming days.

HT to Brian Gardner and the crew.

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