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Bye, bye November, let’s ring in December

Image: Annie Spratt

Right now, I’m soaking it in…

As I write this, I’m being lulled into a deep, peaceful trance from the pine aroma of my Christmas tree and the crackling of burning wood in my stove.

I long all year for the holiday season. I’ve somehow remained impervious to the stress and anxiety people have this time of year — I see it as nothing but downright relaxing and soul-replenishing. Maybe the reason is that I stay as far away as possible from the big box stores and malls, but even those carry a sense of nostalgia. From where I sit, all is well.

I wish the same for you. I hope this note finds you well. I hope you’re not getting wrapped up in the consumerist, I-wish-I-could-buy-you-something-better vibe that’s so easy to fall into during the holidays. If you need a hand in this, check out this article from a couple of my favorite people out there, The Minimalists, on keeping it simple this time of year.

November has been a big month for me, personally.

I became an author through my self-published book, Higher Thoughts: Season One. Support for the book has been overwhelming, thank you. It’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve done and the book looks and feels… Beautiful — what else can I say?

I took the aesthetics very seriously in the design of the book because it’s meant to be left out on the coffee table where you’d be more likely to pick it up and read it when you need some… Higher Thoughts.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, but want one before the holiday, there’s only a few days left to get it there in time via standard shipping (the book takes 5 days to print on-demand from the date of purchase).

==>Click here to grab a copy<==

Another thing that happened is…

I started ministerial school in the New Thought tradition (I wrote about it here if you haven’t yet seen it).

I’ve been floundering for a couple years and finally decided to take my own advice, kick my ego to the curb, and step into my juju. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be a student again — like, a real student with classes and stuff.

After writing in this blog for almost 2 years now, I realize this subject matter needs to be my avocation, not just a pastime. This work is too important to downplay any longer. It’s a 2–3 year path and you — if you continue to follow this publication — will walk alongside me in my journey. You’ll see my revelations and aha moments as well as my moments of doubt and confusion. I hope you’re ready (I already started a weekly series where I’ll break down, line by line, the Lord’s Prayer — no, not like that lame, creepy youth pastor you had in 7th grade either).

Stay tuned for some really cool news in the coming weeks.

This publication is headed to the next level. That’s all I’ll say for now.

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Fellow Medium-ers I’m vibing with right now

emerald jane waters is a long-time Higher Thoughts reader who’s picked up the pen and is now CRUSHING it on Medium. Her wit and ability to turn the simple into the profound is high-level stuff. Enjoy.

SF Ali— Medium’s resident cheerleader — is someone you have to follow if you want some cheeky-but-uplifting goodness to grace your Medium feed.

Jane Hwangbo teaches the principles of personal finance and money management to a younger generation in an engaging, humorous, and unintimidating manner. What’s really cool is how she draws connections between the public markets and real life. Check her out, I’m really digging her work.

Alighty, friends, thanks so much for all you do and all you are. Here’s to you and yours this holiday season.

As Ever,

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