Certainty: hell for the soul

Image: Seref Yucar

As much as it puffs its chest, the ego — the idea of a small, separated self — is an insecure, frightened, nervous little coward of a thought system.

It has to be. It’s the false, delusional notion that you and me could set ourselves off from Source and be the source unto ourselves— an impossibility, but nonetheless a very real-seeming impossibility.

It’s constantly being threatened by things that it’s deemed separate from itself, so it strives for some sense of security. It gauges that security by how the outside world — its self-imposed enemy — bumps up against it.

Remember, the ego is both insecure and scared. Its insecurity leads to the urge of being useful and needed, so it sets up one conflict after another. But its terror leads to it constantly running from its self-inflicted conflicts.

True peace can never be achieved through the ego’s thought system, so it replaces it with the closest thing it can find: Certainty.

Certainty is a false idol that never delivers.

To the Soul, certainty is hell. Certainty is doing the same thing, every day. Nothing changes. You’re stacking bricks for meager (but regular) income day, after day, after day.

This sounds quite nice to the ego. Sure beats running from shadows all day, doesn’t it?

But the Soul — the Soul wants to fly. The Soul needs no certainty in outside things. It knows it’s fully complete in and of itself. It just wants to play. The Soul has never had the nightmare of leaving its Source, therefore, what ever could it be frightened of?

Certainty is heaven for the ego and hell for the soul.

Yes, we live in uncertain times. We always have. But if we didn’t, that would mean we’d never see new horizons.

You — the real You — doesn’t want to stack bricks. It rejoices with living, breathing, and dancing with uncertainty because its security rests not in the shifting sands of a constantly expanding universe, but the sturdy bedrock of the living Spirit.