Spirit as Child

Image: Alexander Dummer

Throughout the scriptures, the Indwelling Spirit is addressed as a child.

The symbolism of ancient texts never fail to astound. It’s amazing how many layers deep the symbology and meaning of just one little word can take you. That rabbit hole just doesn’t stop.

In this case, it makes perfect sense…

Living from Spirit does not come easy. Just about as soon as we can understand what’s going on around us, we’re ripped away from Spirit by well-meaning older people, our focus drawn onto the outside world and the threats lurking in its shadows.

If you do come back around to Spirit, it’s usually (unless you’re quite fortunate) not until later in life after you’ve been kicked in the head a few times to the point when you have no other healthy option.

Why is this? Why don’t we just rock a Spirit-based essence from the get-go and carry it with us through the trajectory of our lives?

Well… It seems that we CAN. It’s just that we choose not to. We’re just not very good spiritual parents until later in life. Hear me out…

Spirit, much like a child, doesn’t grow itself. Now, unlike a physical child,

Spirit doesn’t ever really die. It just rests dormant awaiting our conscious choice to slap it on the ass and get it breathing.

Like the newborn child, newly discovered Spirit is weak and feeble and demands the same kind of nurturing and guarding an infant does.

The conscious discovery by you that you have this power within you, and your determination to make use of it, is the birth of the child.
-Emmet Fox;
Power Through Constructive Thinking

Soon, with enough steadfastness, this little bugger grows up to be a towering force to reckon with (in a good, positive, Spirit-filled way, of course), no longer needing your coddling. At this point, Spirit has finally bought its own car and is buying YOU dinner as opposed to crashing in your basement and raiding your fridge every time you go to sleep.

The tables eventually turn and Spirit assumes a life of its own. Its grooves have been dug deep in your subconscious and it assumes a life of its own, living through you and extending out into your world.

Either that, or you can just let it cry and wait to feed it until its wails get unbearable.

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