Here, take it

Image: Anna Popović

I believe that some of the best prayers are also the shortest.

This one is at the top of my list for go-to invocations when I need it the most. Whether you believe in God or not (chances are, if you’re an atheist, I don’t believe in that God you don’t believe in as well — just saying), these words are like a sledgehammer to the demons that haunt you in those darkest moments…

You know those times when you’ve been burned by life, bad? When all you see is red and the only voices running through your head are words of absolute panic and dread?

Yeah, that’s when this one is good…

Here, take it.

You’re paralyzed with this feeling of utter fear/anger/apathy/etc. and all you can see is how bad things are. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, as far as you can tell.

This feeling-state isn’t helping you. At all. You need to slough off the stuff that stands between you and your wellbeing in the moment.

So you say it… 
Here, take it.

You’re talking to an intelligence and presence bigger than you. This Force — this thing — is what makes all living systems work. It beats hearts and changes minds and grows fingernails. It’s been doing its thing since the beginning of time.

Yes, it’s mysterious. Yes, it’s on its own schedule. But at this point, what do you have to lose, right?

Here, take it.

You have to hand that stuff off so you can keep going. 
We need you. To keep. Going.

Here, take it.

Feels better, right? 
Give a little more. 
And a little more. 
And the rest.

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