Letting the heart lead

Image: Andrew Neel

The heart sees only unity. 
The senses see only separation. 
Makes for an interesting internal battle, for sure.

It’s easy to be rational beings. This body is built with boundaries. These prehistoric survival mechanisms are well-tuned and ready for war. Living this way ‘make sense’ because it’s a way of life lead by the five senses.

It ‘makes sense’ to push away. To separate. To shun, alienate, defend, and project. Even if it leads to failed relationships, holes in doors, and burnt bridges.

Living a heart-lead life goes against all that ‘makes sense’.

Especially when beginning the journey, each step feels like walking with two left feet.

But when living this way, a deeper part of you just feels… right. It’d rather be happy than ‘win’. It’d rather heal wounds than deepen them.

A heart-lead life is lived one choice at a time. One choice to choose unity over separation. One choice to go against the knee-jerk reaction of the ego.

Here’s the question, in the moment, for choosing with the heart:

What choice might lead to happiness instead of this?

Know that the mind won’t likely be on board. It just won’t make sense. Until afterwards. When you look back and see the miracle you created out of the very moment when it made sense to let it all fall apart.

I hope this Thanksgiving sends you off into a heart-lead holiday season wherever you are.

I’m off to heat up more stuffing. Again.

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