Conjuring the new

Image: Ben White

From birth, we’re all taught — either directly or indirectly — ways of being in the world. We learn a certain way to do things and think about things and we shackle ourselves to them. As restricting as this is, these dogmas keep us fat and comfy with a sense of certainty. Even though it may not yield us the best results, we know more or less what to expect.

This is how we get stuck. 
This is how we set up our lives to allow our past to decide our future.

But here’s the deal… See, you and I are part of a pretty unique species. We have the ability to access an infinite storehouse of new thought and insight. We can step out of our past story and write a new one, at will.

All it takes is quieting our personal past thinking enough to where insight and new answers can bubble up from the quiet recesses of our mind.

Can you confidently step away from the known and dance wholeheartedly in the unknown? Can you part with what physically makes sense in order to access spiritual solutions?

This is where your inner light resides.

Why don’t you shine that thing over here so I can see a little better.

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