When your thoughts become you

Image: Noah Hinton

When we don’t recognize the nature of the images running across the screen of our mind, we start to believe they’re ultimate reality.

These things — these thoughts — aren’t necessarily true. If you’ve noticed, at different times of your life, they’ve shifted from positive to negative and back again in a moment’s notice. This is perfectly normal. But when we start identifying with them, we fail to see they’re only partially true, made-up narratives and interpretations.

Ego makes thoughts into your identity.

Ego is the state of mind we fall into when we start believing these fleeting thoughts of ourselves are who we really are.

But here’s the skinny…

Who we really are isn’t fleeting. 
Who we really are doesn’t just come and go like thought. 
Who we really are is the aware Being behind it all.

At one time in your life, you may have thought you were really smart. A few years (or moments) later, you started believing you maybe weren’t so smart.

Ego takes both of these at face value. 
It takes them deathly seriously.

But you, the real you, sees these ego-motivated thoughts as things to play with. It sees them as colors that make up the masterpiece of a life. It recognizes them in their true light and doesn’t get swept away by them. It realizes that whatever current story is being held about something is only one of an infinite number of possible options that could be chosen at that moment. And it knows that it will change as soon as it’s replaced by another thought.

When you awaken to the ego’s hijinks, you awaken to an expanded view of life.

If you can see the color you’re currently throwing on the wall as just the color of the moment — one color in a vast palette of colors — as opposed to the only color there is, you’re well on your way to creating a work of art.

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