You are designed for connection

Image: Les Anderson

I wrote last night about connection and how it behooves us to make a practice out of consciously connecting to our fellow humans when the opportunities arise.

Since we’re on the topic, I just have one thing to add tonight…

Connection is inherent.

To connect is our true nature. We’re designed and built for it. 
Problem is, most of us have ventured away from it for whatever reason.

Think of it...

You know, when you walk into a room, without hearing a word, whether two people have been fighting or meditating. There is a noticeable difference.

Many people (women are uncanny at this) know when they’re in the midst of a threat without seeing any clear and present danger. They just know it.

We are all inherently connected to the wholeness of Life from birth.

Connection is not something we must ‘get’. It’s not something we must work hard to establish.

No, we need to get back to it. We’ve trained ourselves to live without it. We’re a practical lot now. We only consider that which registers from the surface level of the five senses.

Sure, we can get by just fine living like this. 
But to explore the deeper levels of life takes us getting back to our essence as connective beings.

Can you fall back into your inherent nature and connect like you were designed to do? Can you unite body, senses, mind, soul, and spirit with another and truly connect with life?

Or are you too busy?

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