The invitation to connect

Image: Gaelle Marcel

You know how, when you’re at the store or walking your dog or doing that thing you always do, and that certain someone — could be a stranger or a friend — opens up to you about that one thing, but you’re so busy and rushed that you skim over it, look for the nearest exit, and scram?

Well, the next time this happens — the next time someone cracks open that door just a little and invites you into their pain, their suffering, their elation, or their joy — try taking them up on it.

Yeah, you could just breeze across it and bounce. No harm, no foul.

But most of us are moving too fast. It’s up to us to explore the depth of our lives. Unless we open to it and allow for it, we’ll miss it. We have to slow down and sink our teeth into what it really means to be human.

Ask that one question that would light them up. Inquire about their kid they just briefly mentioned is serving yet another tour overseas. Find out why they’re so stoked to have landed that job.

When you take the time to stand in solidarity with them and dive in just a little deeper, you create a living affirmation of your humanity.

Now it’s not just a chance encounter. Now it’s not just about the weather or small talk.

This is unity. This is the sacred invitation to connect with another soul.

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