You’re approved

Image: Alexandru STAVRICĂ

What if we could just stop it with the whole ‘approval’ thing?

When we look at the phenomenon of approval from the ego’s eyes, we start to buy in to the belief that our safety and sanctity rests on the approval of others. We fear it will all come crashing down if we were to loosen our bloody grip on the throat of approval.

Who would like us then? Who would do our bidding?

We’d lose our jobs, our families, our friendships, our identities, our agreements — all of it would be dust.

Wow… Do you see how backwards this is?

Can you stop and breathe and let the fog clear for just a quick second so you can see how the constant seeking of approval from others holds us hostage to our experience?

What if you believed that you already had all the approval you need?

What would life look like then?

Might you be more ‘real’ with people (without being obnoxious). 
Might your word hold more weight? 
Might your conversations be stronger? 
Might your craft be more pure? 
Might your relationships be built upon rock as opposed to the shifting sands they currently rest on? 
Might you take care of yourself and others more — not out of obligation, but out of inner-alignment?

Why do you waste time looking to one another for approval when you have the approval that comes from the one God? 
- John 5:41, 44

How profound is that?

You. Are. Approved. 
At birth.

Problem is, you bought into the world’s petty meaning of approval and it has you chasing a carrot that you can never ever catch.

When we stop seeking approval from others, we live from a place of unabashed authenticity.

But most of all, we claim our spiritual inheritance and become free.

Love takes on a new meaning. Instead of a mechanism used to manipulate and control, it flows unconditionally from a center unshaken from the winds of social conformity. If someone is in need, you don’t even think about the social implications — who might be looking, who else might be able to help, etc. — you just go help because it’s what you’re drawn at your core to do.

This takes some serious un-training. This takes diligence. This could be the scariest thing you’ve ever done or ever will do.

But on the other side, from what I can see, lies an experience of true joy and transformation.

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