Rooted in suffering

Image: Matt Palmer

Iwrote a few weeks back about the profundity of sitting with someone — you know those people — who have a certain magically grounded depth of being.

There’s just those people who, when you’re talking to them (or even in the same room as them), you just know their foundations are miles deep. They may come off a little rugged and battle-torn. But they exude nothing but deep calmness and an inner joy that rests not on the world, but on something unshakingly invincible inside their bones.

In my post about them, I wasn’t sure what I believed to be the determining factor of someone with this depth of being. But now, I‘m pretty sure I’ve found it…

This person has suffered.

They’ve taken the business end of a proverbial baseball bat in life. They’ve questioned. They’ve doubted. They’ve been on their knees in the swamp. They’ve found themselves so far out in the south forty that they were sure they’d never find their way back home.

But they have. And they’re here in our midst.

Depth of being is rooted in suffering.

They’ve been to hell. But they didn’t stay there. Their hero’s journey has taken them into battle and they’ve arrived back home transformed into light-workers of the highest order.

They don’t preach like those preachers with bad hair and makeup on TV. They don’t have an agenda. They’re just… Grounded. They know that any fears that might pop up in their minds are complete bullshit because…

Somehow, they’re here. With you. Sitting in a coffee shop. Hearts beating and eyes glowing with a fire like a healthy bed of embers on a cold winter’s night.

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