The language of the heart

Image: Aaron Burden

A certain part of us knows exactly how perfect each present moment is.

When mystics speak of the heart, they’re not talking about the literal heart that pumps blood through our veins and stops beating when this body is done doing its thing.

They’re talking about our spiritual heart-center. It speaks not in words and logic, but in something... deeper. Undefinable but oh so true and real.

Let the descriptions fall away.
Let the words fall away.
Let the memories and projections fall away.

This is when we know it. This is when we discover the language that’s ungraspable by the brain, but clear as day to the Soul.

It’s amazing what life can bring to us when we consciously release our death grip on trying to define and make sense out of every waking moment.

Cease — if even for a little bit every now and then — trying to package each moment up so tightly in words and explanations. We’ve made something so natural and easy into something so arduous and stress-inducing.

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