Training Wheels of the Divine

Image: Ed LO

First off, I have really good news…

There’s a certain intelligence behind you, me, and all beings that knows how to create every living system and how to operate them.

(Let it sink in, because it’s pretty awesome…)

This means that you’re good to go. 
You’re covered. 
Even when you think you aren’t.

When we realize this, and we can trust it, we start to get the feeling that — wow — there really is something both far beneath the surface and, at the same time, closer than our breath that seems to be guiding us along.

When we don’t see this, we impose our will on life. 
Although we might realize some short-term wins, it’s a heck of a lot of work

It’s a lot like riding a bike.

When we first start out, we’re clumsy, untrusting, and rigid. 
We fall down and gravel imbeds in our bloody knees.

We have free will. We can do what we want.

And that’s okay… It’s all part of a perfectly functioning system.

We learn from those bumps and bruises that we don’t really have it totally figured out.

But when we hop on, relax a bit, and let the laws of nature (gravity, momentum, centrifugal/centripetal force, etc.) help us, we can fly without getting hurt.

Until we hit that curb wrong, at which point the perfectly functioning system shows us our personal thinking was wrong again, and immediately the same laws that took us down the road moments before now take us over the handlebars onto our faces.

But even when we fall, something heals our wounds and gets us on our feet and back in the saddle.

Slowly but surely, we begin to trust the laws that guide us while being really humble about our personal ideas. Like, maybe jumping that curb wasn’t so great of an idea (unless we want to get really good at it, then we can buy a helmet, etc. and tough it out through the bumps and bruises, letting these guiding laws take us through the art form of jumping really big stuff).

But no matter what level we choose to take things, we find one thing to be true…

The training wheels of the divine never come off.

Just know that there’s something always there — always present — that heals and guides us. The only reason we might not see it is because we’re trying too hard to control and figure everything out. Like trying to ride a bike with every muscle in our body being tensed to the max and closely monitoring every moving part of both our body and the bike, we usually don’t get too far this way.

Life is behind it all. 
Life created us. 
Life is pushing us forward. 
Life heals. 
Life knows what it’s doing.
Even if, most of the time, we don’t.

Trusting this usually helps.

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