God, the janitor

Image: Tiago Dos Santos

Hey, ya mind fixing this…

This seems to be the prayer that mankind has consistently had for a long, long time.

Somehow, we’ve given God the job description as janitor of the world and assigned this God the sole purpose of cleaning up humanity’s messes.

All the while, the world’s luminaries keep pointing to the fact that God is love, the kingdom of heaven is within, etc.

But we never listen, do we?

We wonder why we’re continually disappointed. When we take a good, hard look at all the brokenness in the world, it doesn’t take much to confirm the fact that God is doing a really shitty job.

Seems it’s time to put God on notice. Write him up for being negligent, drunk, and tardy for the last couple millennia or four.

Here’s the kicker that’s hard for a lot of us to stomach…

God‘s job never is — never was — to fix the circumstances of the world.

Why do we keep telling the story of God having this role?

I say it’s because this model of God allows us to be lazy.

When we place God outside of us and assign him the role of janitor, we can look at others’ suffering and blame the big guy for not rushing in to clean up our mess.

If we truly saw that God is expressing in us, as us, we’d actually have to take responsibility for our world.

As unfair and difficult as this seems, how different would our lives — our world at large — look if we lived from this place?

What if we saw God, not as the one to fix what we’ve broken, but as the Presence that dampens the burden of our suffering and those around us?

What if we saw God as the spiritual, unseeable, undefinable essence within us all that sits with us through our suffering?

What if God was the alchemical agency that transformed our suffering into something we could use for the good of other people?

I think we’d really see God then. Not as a definable, graspable deity. But in the effects of healing in our physical world.

Now, where’d that mop go?

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