May the eyes of your heart be enlightened

Image: Armando Ascorve Morales

Too bad our eyes are so close to our brains. Sometimes, I wish we could move them down closer to our heart.

Living a heart-centered life is hard — especially in today’s age of practicality.

If we can’t define it, project the outcome of it — generally, wrap our minds around it — we typically discard it until it makes more…


Our five senses are severely limited.

They help us navigate the world of form, but they don’t do much good in the world of the formless.

They help us see what’s here right now. And they help us reference the world of the past…

But they fall short in helping us see the world that has yet to come forth.

Our hearts are our 6th sense that taps into that resource — a resource that the educational structures of our society has discarded.

If we’re going to be heart-centered, spiritually-grounded beings, we can’t lean on our institutions to help us. They have us too busy studying for standardized tests and other structures that help us fit into other people’s models of the world rather than creating our own.

Our practical world has filled up our minds while leaving our hearts empty.

We must exercise the muscle that allows us to discern when we should use the eyes of the head or the eyes of the heart.

We all have this ability. We just don’t use it very often, so it’s seemed to atrophy in a lot of us.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened…
-Ephesians 1:18

Notice — may the eyes of your heart be enlightened. Not your head.

This is where a rich life comes from. The heart. And when you really pay attention, after time, you’ll notice the eyes of your heart come into focus.

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