On receiving

Image: Chance Monnette

I talk about giving a lot. Giving of our love, our creativity, our efforts.

One thing I fail to pay just respects to is the act of receiving. I’m coming to learn that this is JUST as important as giving.

Giving and receiving work hand-in-hand and grow in proportion to one another.

Give as if you have nothing to lose. 
Receive as if you have everything to gain.

I used to be horrible at accepting compliments. I’d get awkward and shy and weird about it. No, psh, stop! I don’t know why, but it made me really uncomfortable.

Then, one day, a mentor of mine paid me a compliment. I forget what it was. Something menial. Right away, I tried pushing the compliment away…

Jonas, stop. Breathe. It’s a compliment. A gift. From me to you. If you don’t accept it, it hurts both me and you. Accept it and we both gain.

Damn… Some people have a way of shifting entire paradigms with a few sentences.

If you can relate, try it out. Get used to receiving.

Bask in the inflow of abundance the world gives. 
Receive as strongly as you give. 
Establish equilibrium between the two.

It’s amazing what comes in when you find that sweet spot of giving AND receiving, fully.

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