All that love has to give

Image: Alisa Anton

Most of the love in this world is outcome-based. This is when we love only to get something. We begrudgingly do and say nice things while grinning and bearing it with a hearty smile until the situation succumbs to our ‘love’.

Sure, we may end up getting what we want, but the preliminary loving part is nothing but a farce. We typically can’t stand it. We just want possession. Until then, we’re just paying our dues, so to speak.

This is not love. This is manipulation.

This kind of ego-based love easily fades. Soon, we’re found out and the love is dead. The thing we wished for — that possession of another person/thing — turns out not being worth the effort after all.

True love loves just to love.

The only goal real love has is love itself. The enjoyment comes in the outpouring of love. When we can find this place, we see that we can have all that love has to give (and we end up enjoying the fruits of our love, endlessly).

Love exists apart from the object of our affection. 
True love finds fulfillment in giving, not in getting. 
Turns out, this is the best thing we can get.

In the words of the great Randy Travis, it’s a love without end, amen.

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