Spiritual judo and three levels of beingness

Image: Edwin Andrade

There seems to be three main levels of beingness (they’re probably infinite, but we’ll keep them to three in this post).

One way of being is the material.

This is when our focus is directed outward onto our physical body and the physical world it inhabits.

The problem with the material realm is that it’s the realm of death and decay. Bodies pass away, buildings crumble, cars break down, and money runs out.

When we live strictly from the material, we’re cold. We see life as an emotionless chess game with people as our opponents (or allies, depending on the situation).

Survival is the base component to the material state of being and domination becomes the highest longing. Crazy thing is, even when we ‘win’ in this world, we find ourselves disappointed. So, what do we do? We either settle for a meager life or strive for more domination — neither of which ever bring ultimate fulfillment.

The second way of being is the psychical.

This is when we walk through life predominantly holding frantic, discordant thoughts and emotions. The problem is, these thoughts and emotions are derived entirely from the outside world.

The psychical state of being puts us on an emotional roller coaster.

Whereas in the material realm, we were cold and emotionless chess players, here, we’re John McEnroe throwing our tennis racket and wanting to fist-fight the chair umpire (which is a lot of fun to watch, but not so fun if you’re John McEnroe).

The third way of being is the spiritual.

In the spiritual realm, we live from the inside-out.

When we live from spirit, we don’t need to find a party, we ARE the party and we bring it with us wherever we go.

In living from spirit, we are the generators of our experience. Sure, we realize the sting from the outside world every now and then.

It’s during these times that we bust out our spiritual judo and reverse the blows directed towards us by the world into opportunity.

Here’s the really cool thing about the spiritual realm of being…

Living from a spiritually-generated state of being makes the psychic and material realms… awesome.

Living from spirit heals the other two levels. We go back to them as new (dare I say, born again?).

I see a lot of people living strictly from the material realm these days…

When god becomes practicality — when we live in the world of ‘stuff’ — we fail to see what’s behind it all.

What drives it. 
What animates it. 
What makes it complex and vibrant.

But when we see the experience of it all emerges from within and is fueled by spirit, we put ourselves in a place to live a life of power and presence.

Now, excuse me while I go watch more clips of John McEnroe temper tantrums. That sh*t’s hilarious.

[Jonas Ellison is a spiritual writer, teacher, practitioner, and an interfaith minister-in-training. He helps people transform their lives through applied spirituality while documenting his journey along the way.]