God as a projectile (not a projection)

Image: Paul Green

God has somehow taken on the form of a superhuman.

We’ve taken our shadows and projected them into the clouds. All of the qualities and traits that we believe make us ‘powerful’, we’ve projected into a deity that lords over us.

The God of my childhood is a projection of the shadow side of humanity.

After coming back around to the God thing, I’m seeing it was never meant to be this way. I feel it in my bones it was never meant to be this way.

I choose a god that serves as a projectile, not as a projection.

This god fuels the spiritual body within me that cares not about the little, petty struggles my ego goes through this life concerned about. It wants to do more than constantly figure out a way to survive. It yearns to express, to love, to feel joy — freely and uninhibited by the shackles of the limited personal ‘me’.

It wants to feel itself outside of itself.

When I’m scared, this god says jump.
When my defenses are up, this god tries like hell to pry my arms open wide and embrace whoever is before me. 
When I’m angry, this god sees right through it.

Launch me, God. 
Launch me like only you can.
Upward and onward.

*Thanks to Peter Rollins for the inspiration for this post.

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