You’re better than this

Image: Cory Bouthillette

Something I’ve noticed from writing this blog is that some people have a hard time hearing this sentiment…

You’re better than this.

Turns out, my posts can come off as offensive because they carry this notion…

I can’t apologize. I don’t say it to be mean. I promise.

For the last however many billions of years, this universe has been progressing, growing and expanding in complexity.

Never static — and definitely never backward.


What makes us think we’re excluded from this progression?

Now, to clarify, notice that ‘You’re better than this’ is different than ‘You need to be better.’

“You’re better than this” points at the present. It says you ARE better than this. Right now. (You’re just not noticing/living it.)

“You need to be better” says “You suck right now, go do that (or buy my thing) so you can not suck so bad.”

This never worked with me. Not in high school sports, and not now.

So, here ya go... 
You’re better than this. 
We all are. 
Let’s rejoice in this.

I want to see more.

When I talk of ‘more’, I’m talking of a peeling away of what’s standing between your ego-self and your true self.

There’s always more. 
This should be fun. 
Not a striving for something. 
Because we’ll never totally get it.

Enjoy more. 
And more. 
(And more.)

More you. 
More layers.
More depth.
More truth. 
More wholeness.
More expression.
More generosity.
More joy.
More acceptance.
More exhilaration.

This stuff lies at our core. It’s here right now. We don’t have to go anywhere to get it. Not even Anthony Robbins can sell it to us. It’s free.

The work is in getting out of our own way.

Unload the unnecessary baggage. 
Get into it. 
And yes…

You’re better than this. 
But you’re pretty cool too:)

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