Wonderment: A worthy pastime

Image: Sweet Ice Cream Photography

In some ways, I guess it’s healthy we’re moving to a more rational society. It’s harder to fool us these days. And we’re figuring stuff out at an alarming rate.

We just have to be careful…

This seems to be our mantra today:

Figure. It. Out. All of it.

Most day-to-day things can be figured out. And that’s great. 
But figuring it out isn’t the end-all-be-all to life.

There’s always more to be figured out. As soon as we think we understand it, something comes along that proves us wrong. It’s an endless game and we can easily spend all of our time spinning round and round in the hamster wheel of rationality.

What I’d love to see more of is people being open to the wonder of life.

Being open to bewilderment is so worth it.

I just find it fascinating that this whole thing works… At all.

You turn on the tap and water comes out. 
The trash gets picked up. 
The outlets in the house work (if we pay the bill). 
The sun comes up every morning and sets in a timely manner. 
Planets keep spinning in the same fashion they have for millions of years.
Molecules stay together.

This is. Insane.

Sure, I can try to figure it all out. 
Or, I can just see the beauty in it.

Every day is a gift.

I’m not saying to stop thinking. We do that by default. But getting out of our heads and being blown away by the things that befuddle us is... Beautiful.

Open to those moments and you’ll see them all around you.

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