Image: Mike Labrum

Life can easily pull us away from ourselves.

We’re going along, totally fine…

And then, we live, live, live, and live some more. Things happen, we get a couple electricity bills higher than expected, watch the debates, check the headlines, and all of a sudden, it seems that

love has left the building.


It’s a hard thing to write about since writing is all about describing and love is impossible to describe, in and of itself. Like the wind, it can only be described by its effects — the wrestling of the trees, sand swept up into the air, and that baseball cap tumbling down the street with the frantic 12 year old kid chasing after it.

Or, in love’s case, goosebumps, elation, laughter, generosity, faith, intense passion, clarity, exuberance, and creative expression — to name a few.

Today, I want to remind you of something we could all use a reminder about…

Love cannot desert us.

It can’t. 
(But we can desert it. Temporarily…)

Love is reality. Everything else is made up.
Love doesn’t play games.

However, we humans are pretty good at game-playing. Thusly, we can pretend to desert love. It feels good. Strong. Bold. Individual.

But it’s impossible to escape reality.

Just because we’re not always thinking of our heart doesn’t mean it stops beating. It’s always beating and it’s been beating since we became human.

Love is our spiritual heartbeat.

The wise ones have said it’s our eternal spiritual heartbeat.
And I believe them.

We can choose love whenever we want. Sometimes, life tricks us into believing that some times are harder than other to choose love.

But the masters before us have disproved that notion.

We can turn away from love but love can never turn away from us.

Feeling pulled away from yourself? 
Choose love. 
Somehow. Someway.

Feeling like doing that thing you’ve latched onto out of fear?
Choose love.

It’ll seem impossible at the time. 
You’ll have to surge away from your vice and do something — anything — that involves the act of choosing love.

Make it cheesy…

Write a nice note to your spouse.
Leave a positive Amazon review on something you’ve recently purchased.
Clean up a portion of your house that’s been neglected.
Call up that relative you haven’t talked to in awhile. 
Say that prayer.

Do anything to turn to love. It’s waiting.
Something small is fine. 
You just have to set it in motion. Let it snowball into something bigger. 
Get your body into it and your mind will follow.

Love is here. Power is here. Light is here. 
Our divine spark never leaves us. 
The kingdom of heaven is within us — always. 
It’s up to us to light it up.

Now excuse me while I choose love by turning this TV off.

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