Only one voice

Image: Annie Spratt

Do you ever experience — especially when you’re on the verge of something big — that you tend to take yourself around and around the endless revolving door of doubt?

You circle and circle, but never quite enter into the place your soul urges you to go.

This is how the inner-dialogue seems to go…

Alright. This is so awesome. I’m gonna go in.
(Then, once you’ve taken a step in…) Nope, I suck. I’m gonna step out of this.
(Then, when you’ve stepped out…) Agh, damn it, I gotta go back in.

This is the endless wheel of delay the ego can take us on if we’re not aware.

Our soul calls us to a higher place. 
Once we step forward into it, our ego chimes in and we walk away.
But then, soon enough, we’re called back to it.

This cycle can go on and on for as long as we allow it to. 
I’ve gotten caught up in it for years. Several times.

Hopefully, sooner than later, we can see this happening and recognize the tricks the ego is playing. As crucial as this moment of awareness is, it can be frustrating. That hopeless feeling of dread can creep in. The one that tells us we’re never going to walk in the door, through the damn lobby and up the stairs to where we want to go.

But herein lies the good news…

When the ego gets involved and tries to keep us down, it means that we’re onto something good.

The ego would not be alarmed if our idea was a puny one. The ego likes those small, ‘safe’ life plans (especially when they involve shortcuts, hacks, and manipulation of some kind).

But when we have an in-spirited idea, it gets antsy. Like, you might figure out you don’t need it anymore if you rise above it.

The threat to the ego is a valid one. It’s easy to understand why it’s nervous.

What we need to do here is single out one voice.

Just one... 
The higher one.

We must embrace our fear, shrug it off, and act in the face of it. 
We must high-five our doubts and tell them to go try to keep someone else small.

We must have faith in the one voice that elevates us. 
We must follow it.
And only it.

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