Two things

Image: Federico Beccari

Two quick things to take through the rest of your week — at least…

  1. Life is a gift
  2. What you do with it matters

This, for me, is the essence of spirituality.

Our first breath was assigned to us. It wasn’t earned. 
Our daddy’s connections had no part in the matter. It could very easily not have happened…

But it did.

So now what?

Even though you may have a thick history that fills up volumes behind you — one that you may not be so stoked about — right now, the page in front of you is blank.

Sure, you can copy off your neighbor,
your mom or dad,
your ancestors,
you can even just rewrite what you wrote before.

If no one was going to be grading this paper 
would you be happy with it?

The next sentence matters. And one day that little blinking cursor will stop.

After that, who knows… 
But right now, it’s still blinking.

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