God is in the content

Image: Nathan Anderson

The ego is obsessed with form. It has to have a physical ‘thing’ with physical boundaries to wrap itself around.

This is not only with real world ‘stuff’ but even with more ephemeral things like ideas and concepts.

It needs borders.
It needs. Form.

It needs to be able to say, this is the thing, this is how it works, this is how I dance with it, and everything outside of this thing... isn’t.

When it can do that — when it can make form out of even the formless — it defines that thing as ‘truth’. Immediately, it locks in rules and dogmas. This is in, this is out. This is right, this is wrong.

As much as it sounds like I’m bashing it, this quality is a really useful thing when it comes to, you know, keeping our physical bodies alive and whatnot.

But you and I both feel the pull towards something more than mere survival. More than just ‘getting by’.

This is the drive of Spirit. 
Higher, it says… Even higher.

And so, we shift our conversation here to content.

Content is the essence of things, the Soul of the matter.

The ego seeks form in all things. 
This is why the whole ‘God’ thing is tough for us humans to grapple with.

God escapes the world of form and gives us only content.

It’s never about the form. 
We can’t point to something and say that’s God. 
God is in the content of what we do.

We offer our last dollar to that beggar only to realize our infinite abundance.
We forgive the unforgivable. 
We finish. The damn. Book.
We lift the weight we just knew we couldn’t lift.
We set generations of judgement aside to see the truth of our brethren.

These things defy logic. 
They fly in the face of form. 
They’re driven by an undergirded content of... Love.

Content and form. Two distinctly different things.

Form comes and goes. It turns to dust after time. 
Content is universal and underlies the entirety of our lives.

Maybe a worthy distinction to take into your day.

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