A series of boring steps

Image: Rob Jelinski Studios

This is what the walk usually looks like towards that thing that summons us.

That work we want to start doing. 
That relationship. 
You know, that… Thing.

It’s really easy to sit here at step zero and start freaking out about what step 18 will be like…

Damn… When I make a jillion dollars, I’ll have to pay a bazillion dollar tax bill. Nope. Not gonna do it.


Man, I can just see it. I open that restaurant I’ve always wanted and the evil health inspector comes in and shuts me down. Then what?

Dooode. You haven’t. Even. Started yet.

It doesn’t usually look like this: 
You do the first thing. 
Then the second. 
And one step after another until… 
You’re doing it.

It’s really not ever that big of a deal. If/when the health inspector comes in, you’ll be fine. Even if you get a fine.

What’s the next boring step you can take? Take the drama out of it. It was never there in the first place until you started making shit up.

Sit down and sketch that outline. Call the owner of that empty storefront. Purchase that domain name. Then the next thing will arise. And the next.

Ad infinitum.

Are you bored yet? 

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