The perfection in toil

An offering for election season

Where are you moving if ‘that person’ gets elected? [Image: Harry Sandhu]

There’s a lot of toiling going on right now.

Elections. Debates. Scandal. Headlines.

All of it is… Interesting.

It can seem like we’re on the brink of collapse. There’s a lot of unfriending going on. Nerves are high. People seem ready to throw punches at the slightest mention of that-person’s-name.

I just want to put my two and a half cents in the hat here for anyone who feels… Overwhelmed.

No matter what happens with the election, this universe is swirling ever towards greater and greater good.

Always has been. For millions of years.

Sure, it might buck us off like a bronco while it’s at it. But that’s what we signed up for. Not an easy ride. But to take place in this rodeo of life one day at a damn time, bruises and bumps and all.

There’s a grand drama playing out much larger than any hair-brained politician could ever effect. And you and I getting heated over a couple people with suits who act like they’re each the answer to the world’s problems is just… Nonsense.

But it’s also beautiful. Yes, there is a divine dichotomy here. See, there’s perfection in the toil. What’s making us as antsy as we are? What’s at play that’s making us doubt and fear and shake our fist and wonder if anyone is listening?

The agitation of perfection — that’s what.

So, please. Do your toiling. But see the beauty in the ugliness. Feel the all-knowingness in the utter doubt and despair. All of it works.

No matter what the result.

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